CineStill DF96 B&W Monobath Developer-Fix (Liquid) – 1000ml


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Processes: 16+ rolls of B&W film with just one chemical. Complete instructions can be found here!
Processing all of your?B&W?film at home is easier than ever with this 1 simple ready-to-use solution. This magical and versatile Single-Step BW ?Developer-Fix? monobath solution, akin to D96 motion picture developer but with no need for stop bath, fixer, or any other chemicals, is perfect for processing any? black & white film.
Df96 monobath easily?processes?any standard black and white film at its native?ISO.?It is designed with?traditional cubic-grain emulsions in mind, like BwXX, TriX and HP5, with high silver content. It also works well with?tabular grain films with color dye technology, like Tmax, but may come out of the bath with pink/purple dyes in the emulsion, and require double?the processing?time to clear. High speed films like P3200 and Delta3200 can be processed at their native ISOs between 1000-1600 by the instructions on the label, or pushed?to 3200?by adding?10?F (6?C). All films can be pushed or pulled by adjusting temp. +/-10?F (6?C).
Processing methods for Df96
Development is increased?more than fixing by temperature. Fixing and completion is accelerated?by agitation, while?decreasing development. Processing over 82?F (28?C)?will result in pushed negatives with higher contrast and more pronounced grain.?Below 68?F (20?C) renders pulled contrast negatives.

Native ISO development:?
80?F (27?C)?for at least?3 min ? Constant agitation
75?F (24?C)?for at least 4 min. ? Intermittent agitation
70?F (21?C)?for at least 6 min. ? Minimal agitation

Push +1 development:
80?F (27?C)?for at least 6 min. ? Minimal agitation
85?F (30?C)?for at least 4 min ? Intermittent agitation
90?F?(32?C) for at least 3 min ??Constant agitation

Pull -1 development:
70?F (21?C)?for at least 4 min ? Constant agitation
65?F (18?C)?for at least 6 min ? Intermittent agitation

3200 speed BW films:
Above 90?F?(32?C) for at least?4 min ? Intermittent agitation

Agitation Methods:
Agitation helps create evenly developed exposures, and prevents over-processed, under-fixed negatives.
Fluid inversions and/or rotations, while changing direction.
Intermittent agitation:
30 sec constant agitation, then 10 sec every min.

Minimal agitation:
10 sec gentile agitation, then 5 sec every min.
?*Bromide drag lines can occur if left to stand for any more than 1 min.

Chemical reuse
Can process 16+ rolls of film. Simply recombine used chemistry and add +15sec. for each roll previously processed until you reach 8 min.?If a?film does not appear fully cleared, process for longer in Df96. It will not affect development.
Expected shelf life is 1 year from purchase, and once opened should be used within 2 months.?Film will still finish processing as chemicals age but will eventually?produce thin negatives when developer is exhausted.

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