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Want to try something new? Look no further. We’ve collected a series of images taken with a broad selection of films that we sell. It should give you a rough idea how certain films perform with various subjects. Click on the film title to see which formats we stock. Or click on the photographer to see more of their work.

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400 ISO

Geese at the Dutch island Schiermonnikoog. Shot with a Minolta X-700 on Ilford HP5+. Developed with Kodak XTOL.

Unknown ISO

Shot taken by Bernt Sønvisen on his Kodak Retina IB at Oslo’s Opera House. Developed in Kodak HC-110.

400 ISO

Lovely detail shot made by Eugen Anghel on Ilford HP5 plus. The film was developed in Ilford ID-11.

100 ISO

Ilford HP5+ is a great film with superb contrast en soft tones. Blah blah blah.