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We are happy and proud to have the support of such a great community. People and brands that share our ideology and commitment to keep film alive. Some are helping by sharing their expertise in blog posts. Others are delivering training and workshops to newcomers in our Rotterdam lab & darkroom facilities. And some are helping us by publishing amazing content for everyone interested in analogue photography. You can find many of their contributions in the blog.

There are also a number of brands, all with a rich heritage in photography, that have donated equipment and materials for students and newcomers, or contributed by sharing their knowledge and in-depth expertise.

Care to join us? Hit us up or take a look at our collaboration page.

Niels Hassy

Niels de Kemp

I love to create content. After working as a police officer for about ten years, I got the opportunity to combine my passion with my job as I now work as a content creator at the communications department at the police of Rotterdam. Besides my job I work as a freelance photographer and I have my own YouTube channel about photography. As a true nineties kid, my first camera was a digital camera. But ever since I got into photography, I felt drawn to the analogue process. Analogue, to me, feels like the ‘real’ photography. I come from a lineage of photographers: my father is a photographer and his father before him. I want to learn how they photographed. So in collaboration with No-Digital we started a series called Analogue Diaries in which I explore the world of analogue photography! Here’s some random stuff to end this bio:

– My favourite camera is my grandfathers Hasselblad 500c/m

– Pizza and beer

– I’m also a Ricoh GR ambassador

– Incurable optimist

– I spend more hours producing video dan doing photography

-Favourite focal length is 50mm

See ya!


Since 1970 I have been working for national- and international newspapers and magazines and picked up some awards on the way. Taking photos have become a second nature to me. Starting in the era of black and white film, dark room with chemicals, it was a major step learning to work digital. Now, after all these years I rediscovered how great shooting on film is. The process of an image coming to live using simple chemicals will always be magical. From shooting 20 frames a second on a modern digital camera to 20 minutes to make one shot with a large format camera. Shooting on film forces, you to think and look more carefully before you release the shutter. My favorite old school cameras are the 4×5 inch Tachihara field camera, my 50-year-old Nikon F and the simple Holga 120N. I love to teach and support fellow photographers in the art of film photography and can’t wait to meet you in person at an upcoming course or event.

Ronald Speijer

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