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These are the people that make no-digital. They support our customers, and keep the company running on a day to day basis.

Everyone who works for no-digital interacts with our customers on a regular basis. That’s why we’re especially careful about who we hire. We work hard to make sure every employee is given the freedom, tools, trust, and support to do their best work. We all love sharing what we learn, too. 



Hello! At No-Digital I'm the one who's resposible for Marketing, socials and the website. I love film photography because of the ambiance the images produce. Working on film feels real and i love the whole process from putting your film in your camera until developing it in the darkroom.



Hey guys. My job is dealing with the day to day business here at No-Digital. I love analog photography because it slows me down. Every shot is worth my time and gives me reason to stop and think about my composition.



Hi There! My responsibilities entail external communication. Furthermore, I'm the helping hand of Ewoud & Ymke with ideas and daily stuff. Next to that I have a hand in the design of the website.



As founder of No-Digital I make sure the business runs like it should. Also I love to find hidden gems and am always on the lookout for Leica gear! My dream is to give all second hand camera's a new home. These pieces of history deserve to get a second life if they are not used.

Beyond our awesome team many more people are involved in making no-digital a success. Ambassadors, friends — we even got some great support from brands that made a great contribution to analog photography but are now committed to a 100% digital strategy. Read more about our ambassadors, friends and partners.
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