Asahi Pentax 6×7 MLU + SMC Pentax 67 75mm f/4.5

Pentax 6×7, maybe the best medium format SLR camera.


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The Asahi Pentax 6X7 is a powerhouse of a camera. It is properly big camera that creates amazingly large 6 by 7cm negatives. The camera was conceived by Asahi in 1969 and improved three times after this. The second model has a mirror lock up system (MLU) that negates mirror shake when the camera is triggered. The mirror is massive, this caused a little bit of blur when people took long exposures. This problem was negated with the MLU version of the 6X7. In 1990 the third generation of 67 cameras was introduced. A big change among a lot of different smaller changes was the name. Asahi Pentax took the ‘X’ away from te designation of the camera the fourth model kept this but added the roman numeral II to to end of the numbers.

This beast of a machine is best known for its detachable wooden grip that protrudes from the front of the camera. This distinctive feature gives the operator something sturdy to hold on to the camera. A very welcome luxury if you ask us, because of the camera’s size it is also heavy and having something to hold on to makes it more comfortable to carry around.

This camera is not meant for beginner photographers. Although it is designed like and operates like a SLR the price range and intricacy make it more suited for seasoned amateurs and professional photographers. Because of the abundance of lenses this camera can be used for many types of photography. From intimate portraiture to magnificent landscapes this camera can do it all. Just make sure to be well rested before taking it out because you will have to lug some real weight around.

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