TTArtisan Light Meter Aluminum (black)

TTArtisan clip-on light meter made from brass with black finish.


VAT included.

In stock


If you have an older analog camera that does not have an internal light meter this is the ultimate tool for you. The small light meter slips right onto the flash mount and gives accurate readings so you can leave the hand held bulky light meter at home.

The two big dials make it easy to find the correct exposure. Set the ISO you film is rated for, or to the speed you want to shoot, then turn the aperture and shutter speed dials to find the right exposure. Intuitive to use and sleek in its design this will be a great addition to your film shooting adventure.

This version is made from aviation grade aluminum. This makes the light meter very durable and very light.  It takes a single cr2023 battery to be operational. The battery is not included but is in stock on our website right here.

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