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Poetry in color: Saul Leiter – Street photographer in New York.

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In the bustling world of street photography, where countless artists aim to immortalize fleeting moments of urban life, few have achieved the timeless allure of Saul Leiter. Renowned for his distinctive and poetic style, Leiter’s work stands as a testament to the artistry of photography. A master of capturing the subtleties of everyday life, Leiter’s choice of camera and film played a pivotal role in shaping his iconic body of work.

The Visionary Photographer:

Born in 1923, Saul Leiter was an American photographer and painter whose career spanned several decades. He is best known for his evocative color photography, a departure from the predominantly black-and-white imagery popular during his time. Leiter was a master of creating poetic compositions through reflections, layers, and delicate interplays of light and shadow.

The Camera: Leica Rangefinder

At the heart of Saul Leiter’s photographic journey was his choice of camera – a Leica rangefinder camera. The Leica brand has long been synonymous with precision, durability, and portability, making it a favorite among street photographers worldwide. The rangefinder system allowed Leiter to achieve impeccable focus and compose his shots with remarkable ease.

The compact size of the Leica camera enabled Leiter to immerse himself in the urban landscape without drawing much attention to his presence. He became a silent observer, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to unfold before his lens.

The Film: Kodachrome

Just as crucial as his choice of camera was Leiter’s preference for a particular film – Kodachrome. Celebrated for its vibrant color reproduction and fine grain, Kodachrome allowed Leiter to infuse his images with a dreamlike quality. The film’s ability to capture rich hues and subtle tonal variations became the hallmark of Leiter’s work.

Kodachrome’s inherent warmth lent a nostalgic and poetic charm to his photographs, evoking emotions that transcended the mundane. Leiter skillfully harnessed the unique properties of this film, creating images that beckon viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of everyday moments.

The Magic of Leiter’s Compositions:

Saul Leiter’s photographs exude a sense of serenity amid the chaos of urban life. He had an unparalleled ability to find extraordinary beauty in the most ordinary scenes. Through the interplay of colors, shapes, and textures, Leiter created images that spoke to the heart.

His use of reflections, windows, and rain-slicked streets added layers of complexity to his compositions, inviting viewers to interpret and connect with his photographs on a personal level. Leiter’s work often blurred the line between abstraction and reality, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

Later in his carreer Leiter started to work as a fashion photographer and was published in Show, Elle, British Vogue, Queen, and Nova. In the late 1950s the art director Henry Wolf published Leiter’s color fashion work in Esquire and later in Harper’s Bazaar.

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