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It is a dream come true. We found some office spaces in the heart of Rotterdam from where we will launch the website soon. In this time of COVID-19 working from home is the new standard, but running an e-commerce store requires a warehouse and some facilities to pack and ship the orders.

Initially, my idea was to focus on the consumables side of analogue photography, so a small warehouse or storage facility would do, but that expanded quickly to cameras as soon as I teamed up with Bart. Buying and selling pre-owned and vintage cameras is a different story altogether, and requires a completely new skill set. It also requires a dedicated and clean space where professional staff can review and inspect the cameras that we have acquired.

The new place also adds many opportunities. For one the location, the building is based right at the centre of Rotterdam’s creative heart. It is an older neighbourhood that was not flattened during the war and from our window we can see the famous Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. So if you plan for a visit, bring your camera and visit the galleries, museums and bars near the office.

Another opportunity is that one of the larger rooms that we rent is fitted with an enclosed printer room / kitchen. We are planning to use the room in the future for meetings, talks and perhaps even workshops. We are also working on a plan to convert the print room into a darkroom where we can develop our films and prints. But that’s for later, first we have got to launch this website!

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