Jobo 1510 35mm Film Developing Tank + 1x 1501 Reel


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The Jobo 1500 modular Tank System is?made of chemical-resistant plastics for inversion or rotation processing of 35mm and roll films.
The Jobo?1510 35mm developing tank?was?designed for the most?economical inversion processing of 35mm film, requiring up to 30% less?photochemistry?compared?to?tanks?for inversion processing of other brands. The trusted and?reliable lid effectively and easily seals the tank which ensures a clean development of film without any leaks.
The 1510 tank comes with one 1501?tank reel?for the development of one 35mm film and a standard red tank lid. When using the tank for inversion processing by hand the tank must be filled with only 250ml of photochemistry making it one of the most economical ways to develop one 35mm film. For rotary processing with a compatible Jobo processor, the tank only needs 140ml of photochemistry to do the job. In that case the tank also needs to be fitted with a cog (#1505) in order to attach it to the lift of the processor or a tank magnet base (#1504)?if the processor is not equipped with a lift. Both accessories are not included and sold separately.

Filling capacity: 250ml (hand inversion) / 140ml (rotary processing)

Film capacity:?1x 35mm film (holds one 1501 reel at minimum length)

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