Hasselblad 500 CM + 80mm ƒ/2,8 Carl Zeiss Planar + A12 Back

A camera that has reached a legendary status with good reason.


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Hasselblad 500 CM + 80mm ƒ/2,8 Carl Zeiss Planar + A12 Back details

Hasselblad, what can we say? Used by many professionals since its start in the 1940’s because of its impeccable lens and build quality. Oh, and they sent a camera to the moon by the way. This camera might be the physical embodiment of the concept that is photography. All the V-System cameras, or better known as the 500 series, are totally modular. This means that al the parts are interchangeable, lenses viewfinders and backs can all be swapped on the spot creating the camera you need at that moment. More benefits to this are the possibility to swap film mid roll. Just load a different back with the film of your choice and swap it out with the back you want to change. Switch from color to black and white or change your filmspeed when lighting changes.

The Hasselblad brand has reached legendary status and was used by many of the great photographers in history; Ansel Adams, Arnold Newman, Irvin Penn, Helmut Newton and Dianne Arbus just to name a few. These photographers created ground breaking images that changed the way we look at photography today. When using one, you can feel why. The camera is designed to fit neatly in your hand and focusses like a charm. The 6X6 viewfinder makes it seem like you are looking at a 3D screen with a sharpness that makes you want to touch your photographic subject.

The Hasselblad V-System cameras are not made for the casual shooter that wants to start with analog photography. It is made for professionals or prosumers. However, if you want to take amazing images and feel like one of the greats this camera is definitely a good choice for you.

This kit is has a 500CM body. This is one of the earlier V-System bodies and was in production from 1970 till 1994 so the bodies can be en bit old. This body was made in 1986. The lens that comes in the kit is a Synchro-Compur 80mm f/2.8 planar. This Hasselblad has a classic A12 back. this works perfectly for all you 120 film.

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