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Canon EOS 1N – Power Drive Booster E1

The Canon EOS-1N the professional flagship camera every professional needed to have in its time.


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Canon EOS 1N – Power Drive Booster E1 details

The Canon EOS-1N was brought to market as the professional flagship camera every professional needed to have. It has an EF mount, this is the same mount the modern full-frame Canon lenses use. This means that this analoge camera is compatible with modern glass. Therefore possibilities with this camera are endless for the digital Canon photographer. The only thing you need is the body and a roll of film slap on your own Canon lenses and you are off to the races.

A feature this camera has is its power booster. This is a battery mount that also contains a film drive enabling for a 6fps continuous shooting experience.

This camera is great for people who already own a digital Canon and want to start shooting 35mm film. The lenses help taking images with exceptional quality and you wont be out of pocket buying second hand glass. Furthermore the camera does not look intimidating with many option and buttons. It feels like a normal digital Canon so as a Canon shooter you should feel right at home using it.



  • The camera has been tested and is working.
  • Light seals are good.
  • Shutter is ok.
  • Basic cleaning is done.

Visual appearance:

  • The body is in good condition.
  • Booster E1 is in good condition.

Accessories, papers and packaging:

  • Batteries: Included
  • Body cap: yes

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Serial number

202347, 588566

Production year


Production code


Camera body style

Series / Lens mount

Camera film format



Focus type

Light meter


8 AA

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