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We offer learning experiences for anyone with an affinity for analog photography. Our aim is to teach people how to use analog photographic equipment. That is why we offer courses in order to keep analog processes alive. We have an in house darkroom our own stockpile of chemicals, photographic paper and products for alternative print processing. 

Beginner course: Developing and printing black and white images.

price: €95,- per person

This course is meant to teach you the basics of black and white film development and darkroom printing. Expected of you is that you provide a roll of film that you have shot. We will develop the film and make a print of one (or more) of your best images. The maximum group size for the course is five people and takes about half a day.

  • Explanation black and white film development
  • Explanation black and white printing
  • Chemicals and photographic paper included
Beginner course: Analog photography, development and darkroom printing.

Price: €250,- per person

Always wanted to start shooting film but don’t know where to start? This is the course for you. In three sessions of three to four hours you will learn how to use your analog camera, develop your images and print your images. The entire analog process in one go. Day one will familiarize you with your camera. You will learn how to load film and how to measure light properly. We will take a couple of shots in the studio in order to practice. The second day you will have shot your roll and come in to learn how to process the film. Firstly a bit of theory about the working of film and other photographic material after which we will develop the film together. The third day we will use the darkroom to make a print from one of your own negatives. The entire process will be explained and at the end of the course you will go home with your own prints. 

  • Explanation black and white analog photography
  • Explanation black and white film development
  • Explanation black and white printing
  • Usage of in house studio
  • Chemicals and photographic paper included
  • Possible to rent a camera if you need one
Personal use darkroom

Price: €35,- per person, per three hours

Do you already know your way around a darkroom but don’t have the space to build one yourself? This is your ticket to freedom! Come develop and print in our darkroom. For the time being the equipment is focussed on black and white printing. In the near future color is going to be available as well. We have Leica Fotomat enlargers for 35mm prints and Durst enlargers for medium format printing. The only thing you need is photographic paper (or other medium) and your negatives. The chemicals you need are on the house.

Is there something you want to experiment with? Gold- or Selenium toning. Let us know so we can work something out. We love to help you experiment! 

Shoot us an e-mail and book your first session. 


Darkroom No-Digital fotomat enlarger

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